Experimental ID SRX085443
Genome assembly mm9
Antigen class Input control
Antigen Input control
Cell type class Neural
Cell type Cerebellum
Cell type description MeSH Description=The part of brain that lies behind the BRAIN STEM in the posterior base of skull (CRANIAL FOSSA, POSTERIOR). It is also known as the "little brain" with convolutions similar to those of CEREBRAL CORTEX, inner white matter, and deep cerebellar nuclei. Its function is to coordinate voluntary movements, maintain balance, and learn motor skills.
Processing logs 38330550, 73.2, 10.7, 866
Title GSM769020: lab ChipSeq Cerebellum Input
Meta data source_name=Cerebellum || biomaterial_provider=LICR lab || lab=LICR-m || lab description=Ren - Ludwig Institue for Cancer Research || datatype=ChipSeq || datatype description=ChIP-Seq || cell=Cerebellum || cell organism=mouse || cell description=Cerebellum || cell sex=M || antibody=Input || antibody description=Control signal which may be subtracted from experimental raw signal before peaks are called. || age=adult-8wks || age description=Adult 8 weeks || control=std || control description=Standard input signal for most experiments. || controlid=Cerebellum/Input/std || labversion=05/27/09 Lane 1 || replicate=1 || replicate description=tier 1 || softwareversion=ELAND || strain=C57BL/6 || strain description=C57 black 6, the most common inbred strain of laboratory mouse
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-05) SRX085443.05.bed
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-10) SRX085443.10.bed
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-20) SRX085443.20.bed
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-05)
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-10)
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-20)