Experimental ID SRX150673
Genome assembly hg19
Antigen class Unclassified
Antigen BDP1
Cell type class Blood
Cell type K-562
Cell type description Primary Tissue=Blood|Tissue Diagnosis=Leukemia Chronic Myelogenous
Processing logs 58146027, 58.8, 8.7, 1365
Title GSM935594: Harvard ChipSeq K562 BDP1 std
Meta data source_name=K562 || biomaterial_provider=ATCC || lab=Harvard || lab description=Struhl - Harvard University || datatype=ChipSeq || datatype description=Chromatin IP Sequencing || cell=K562 || cell organism=human || cell description=leukemia, "The continuous cell line K-562 was established by Lozzio and Lozzio from the pleural effusion of a 53-year-old female with chronic myelogenous leukemia in terminal blast crises." - ATCC || cell karyotype=cancer || cell lineage=mesoderm || cell sex=F || treatment=None || treatment description=No special treatment or protocol applies || antibody=BDP1 || antibody antibodydescription=Rabbit polyclonal - Antiserum 2663 was raised by immunizing rabbits with synthetic peptide CSDRYRIYKAQKLRE (human Bdp1 residues 139?153) coupled to KLH. Antibody Target: BDP1 || antibody targetdescription='B double-prime 1', subunit of RNA polymerase III transcription initiation factor IIIB || antibody vendorname=Donated by Dr. RJ White, The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research || antibody vendorid=2663 || control=std || control description=Standard input signal for most experiments. || control=std || control description=Standard input signal for most experiments. || controlid=wgEncodeEH000615 || labversion=fragmented with both a probe sonicator and a Misonix sonicator, and precipitated with protein A sepharose beads || replicate=1
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-05) SRX150673.05.bed
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-10) SRX150673.10.bed
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-20) SRX150673.20.bed
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-05)
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-10)
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-20)