Experimental ID SRX214068
Genome assembly mm9
Antigen class TFs and others
Antigen Pou5f1
Cell type class Pluripotent stem cell
Cell type F9
Cell type description Tissue=Testis|Disease=Embryonal Carcinoma; Testicular Teratoma
Processing logs 29878370, 97.4, 9.3, 27080
Title GSM1059848: Pou5f1/Oct4 F9+RA ChIP-seq; Mus musculus; ChIP-Seq
Meta data source_name=F9+RA cells || cell type=Embryonic carcinoma cell line || developmental stage=Differentiated into primitive endoderm-like cells || treatment=Treated with retinoic acid || cell line=F9 || chip antibody 1=Pou5f1/Oct4 || chip antibody manufacturer 1=Santa Cruz || chip antibody 2=none || chip antibody manufacturer 2=none
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-05) SRX214068.05.bed
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-10) SRX214068.10.bed
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-20) SRX214068.20.bed
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-05)
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-10)
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-20)