Experimental ID SRX214080
Genome assembly mm9
Antigen class TFs and others
Antigen Pou5f1
Cell type class Pluripotent stem cell
Cell type Embryonic Stem Cells
Cell type description MeSH Description=Cells derived from the BLASTOCYST INNER CELL MASS which forms before implantation in the uterine wall. They retain the ability to divide, proliferate and provide progenitor cells that can differentiate into specialized cells.
Processing logs 36598344, 97.4, 9.4, 24485
Title GSM1059860: Pou5f1/Oct4 ES Sox2KE-V5 A; Mus musculus; ChIP-Seq
Meta data source_name=KH2 ES cells || cell type=Embryonic stem cells || developmental stage=Undifferentiated || treatment=Overexpress Sox2KE-V5 tagged || cell line=KH2 || chip antibody 1=Pou5f1/Oct4 || chip antibody manufacturer 1=Santa Cruz || chip antibody 2=V5 || chip antibody manufacturer 2=Invitrogen
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-05) SRX214080.05.bed
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-10) SRX214080.10.bed
Peak-call (BED) (q < 1E-20) SRX214080.20.bed
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-05)
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-10)
Peak-call (BigBed) (q < 1E-20)