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Entry name Dharmasiri Nihal et al. 2005 Jul. Dev. Cell 9(1):109-19.
Title Plant development is regulated by a family of auxin receptor F box proteins.
Authors Dharmasiri Nihal|Dharmasiri Sunethra|Ehrismann Jasmin S|Estelle Mark|Hobbie Lawrence|J端rgens Gerd|Lechner Esther|Weijers Dolf|Yamada Masashi
Abstract The plant hormone auxin has been implicated in virtually every aspect of plant growth and development. Auxin acts by promoting the degradation of transcriptional regulators called Aux/IAA proteins. Aux/IAA degradation requires TIR1, an F box protein that has been shown to function as an auxin receptor. However, loss of TIR1 has a modest effect on auxin response and plant development. Here we show that three additional F box proteins, called AFB1, 2, and 3, also regulate auxin response. Like TIR1, these proteins interact with the Aux/IAA proteins in an auxin-dependent manner. Plants that are deficient in all four proteins are auxin insensitive and exhibit a severe embryonic phenotype similar to the mp/arf5 and bdl/iaa12 mutants. Correspondingly, all TIR1/AFB proteins interact with BDL, and BDL is stabilized in triple mutant plants. Our results indicate that TIR1 and the AFB proteins collectively mediate auxin responses throughout plant development.
Pubmed ID 15992545
Journal Developmental cell
Volume 9
Issue 1
Pages 109-19
Publication date 2005 Jul
Num of phenotype gene 0