Entry URI http://metadb.riken.jp/db/SciNetS_ria224i/cria224u4ria224u16210544i
Entry name Li Jisheng et al. 2005 Oct. Science 310(5745):121-5.
Title Arabidopsis H+-PPase AVP1 regulates auxin-mediated organ development.
Authors Bandyopadhyay Anindita|Blakeslee Joshua|Gaxiola Roberto|Gilroy Simon|Khodakovskaya Mariya|Krizek Beth|Li Jisheng|Murphy Angus S|Peer Wendy Ann|Richards Elizabeth L|Richter Gregory|Titapiwantakun Boosaree|Undurraga Soledad|Yang Haibing
Abstract The transport of auxin controls developmental events in plants. Here, we report that in addition to maintaining vacuolar pH, the H+-pyrophosphatase, AVP1, controls auxin transport and consequently auxin-dependent development. AVP1 overexpression results in increased cell division at the onset of organ formation, hyperplasia, and increased auxin transport. In contrast, avp1-1 null mutants have severely disrupted root and shoot development and reduced auxin transport. Changes in the expression of AVP1 affect the distribution and abundance of the P-adenosine triphosphatase and Pinformed 1 auxin efflux facilitator, two proteins implicated in auxin distribution. Thus, AVP1 facilitates the auxin fluxes that regulate organogenesis.
Pubmed ID 16210544
Journal Science (New York, N.Y.)
Volume 310
Issue 5745
Pages 121-5
Publication date 2005 Oct
Num of phenotype gene 3