Entry URI http://metadb.riken.jp/db/SciNetS_ria224i/cria224u4ria224u17012601i
Entry name Yoshizumi Takeshi et al. 2006 Oct. Plant Cell 18(10):2452-68.
Title Increased level of polyploidy1, a conserved repressor of CYCLINA2 transcription, controls endoreduplication in Arabidopsis.
Authors Ichikawa Takanari|Kawashima Mika|Matsui Minami|Nagata Noriko|Nakazawa Miki|Takiguchi Tomoko|Tsumoto Yuko|Yamamoto Naoki|Yamamoto Yoshiharu Y|Yoshizumi Takeshi
Abstract Endoreduplication is a type of cell cycle in which DNA replication continues without cell division. We have isolated several dominant mutants from Arabidopsis thaliana activation tagging lines by flow cytometry. One of the mutants, increased level of polyploidy1-1D (ilp1-1D), showed increased polyploidy in both light- and dark-grown hypocotyls. The corresponding gene of ilp1-1D encodes a protein homologous to the C-terminal region of mammalian GC binding factor. We demonstrate that this protein functions as a transcriptional repressor in vivo. The expression of all members of the CYCLINA2 (CYCA2) family was reduced in an ILP1 overexpressing line, and the mouse (Mus musculus) homolog of ILP1 repressed cyclin A2 expression in mouse NIH3T3 cells. T-DNA insertion mutants of ILP1 showed reduced polyploidy and upregulated all CYCA2 expression. Furthermore, loss of CYCA2;1 expression induces an increase in polyploidy in Arabidopsis. We demonstrate that this protein regulates endoreduplication through control of CYCA2 expression in Arabidopsis.
Pubmed ID 17012601
Journal The Plant cell
Volume 18
Issue 10
Pages 2452-68
Publication date 2006 Oct
Num of phenotype gene 2