Main Title Information about hetero oligomer between 1a and 2a adrenergic receptors ( 1aAR- 2aAR) and interfaces of 1aAR
GPCR Class A
GPCR Subfamily Adrenergic
GPCR Subtype beta1
GPCR Name beta1AR
Partner Class A
Partner Subfamily Adrenergic
Partner Subtype alpha2a
Partner Name alpha2aAR
Evidence Experiment
Annotations beta1AR and alpha2aAR form robust hetero dimer in HEK-293 cells. An interaction between beta1AR and alpha2aAR is regulated by glycosylation. The interaction may play a key role in cross-talk and mutual regulation between these receptors.
Articles 12529373
Methods Western Blotting, Coimmunoprecipitation, Immunofluorescence confocal microscopy
Target NP_000675.1
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