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Genome Informatics Technology Development Project
Project Name Genome Informatics Technology Development Project
Start Year 1998
End Year 2002
Implementing Period 1998-2002, Completed
Budget Amount Total Amount: 6.639 billion yen
Major Researchers Project leader was not appointed, and the project was driven by the Strategic Technology Committee.
Chairman: Michio Oishi (Kazusa DNA Research Institute) and seven other committee members (Murakami, Sekiya, Jigami, Yoshikawa, Isono, Takagi and Sakaki)
Summary Development of technology for effective use of genome-sequence information
Major Features of Project Development of computer software, establishment of analytical method related to gene transcriptional regulation, and development of genomic DNA-related instrumentations were carried out for the purpose of effective use of genomic DNA sequence information. The following works were divided and assigned to Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Computational Biology Research Center, Age Dimension Research Center, and Research Center for Medical Glycoscience), National Institute of Technology and Evaluation and 12 companies.
- Comparative genomic analysis technology (Hitachi and others)
- Gene sequence information modeling technology (Yamanouchi and others)
- Gene expression frequency information analysis technology (Hitachi Software Engineering and others)
- Transcriptional regulation information analysis technology (Sumitomo Electric Industries and others)
Description of Project Excerpts from "Genome Informatics Technical Brochure" ( [currently not available] (Japanese))
As a result of advances in biotechnology in recent years, development of automated and high-throughput medical and biological experiments has accelerated. This is accompanied by generation of a wide variety of experimental results in large quantities related to genes and proteins. Now, how to find useful information from a myriad of information is one of the crucial challenges for biologists.
To address this challenge, this research and development project will aim at the development of a system to support the gene network research by organizing and integrating a large volume of information taking diverse forms. The workbench system is designed to support the establishment of the gene network involving a group of genes of interest through repetition of the research cycle shown on the diagram on right by biologists. First, the researcher inputs a group of genes of interest in the system. Then, the system will reconstruct a gene network related to these genes by referring to the rearrangement database and the expression profile provided separately to the system as well as other information, and present the data to the user. In response to the network produced by the system, the user can operate the system interactively to position the network to facilitate understanding, and refer to other experimental results, the sequence information analysis results and a variety of other information related to the genes of interest.
Moreover, the researcher can use the functions provided by the system to analyze the network from a variety of perspectives, and also use the system like a simulator to see any change in the network whenever the researcher's hypothesis, such as a regulatory relationship is added, for example. If any new finding or suggestion, such as the existence of gene function or regulatory factor, is gained in relation to a group of genes of interest as a result of this interaction, a new experimental system as an extension of the current results can also be constructed. By inputting the results obtained from this experiment in this system again to ensure that the system reflect the results, and by repeating the research cycle centering on this system, the user will be able to gradually zero in on the real image of the gene regulation network that involves a group of genes of interest.
Public Release Status Outcomes are patents related to technology developed by the project, and product commercialization. No database was created.
The reports listed in the Report(s) section are the only publicly released materials concerning the project.
Classification of Database Public Release Status Partially publicly released
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Implementing Ministry/Agency Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Reports 1. Basic Plan ( , Japanese )
2. Original Project Description ( , Japanese )
3. Project Overview ( , Japanese )
Evaluation Reports Webpage of 1st "Genome Informatics Technology Development" (Post-Project Evaluation) Subcommittee ( , Japanese )
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