Life science projects in Japan

Former name: Genome, post genome projects in Japan

Integrated Database Project (LSDB)
Project Name Integrated Database Project (LSDB)
Start Year 2006
End Year -
Implementing Period -
Budget Amount 290 million yen (FY2006)
1.6 billion yen (FY2007)
1.1 billion yen (FY2008)
0.9 billion yen (FY2009)
0.4 billion yen (FY2010 budget request)
Major Researchers Chief Researcher: Toshihisa Takagi (Database Center for Life Science)
- Central Organization: Research Organization of Information and Systems, Database Center for Life Science
(Participating Organizations)
- Japan Science and Technology Agency
- National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Computational Biology Research Center
- Kazusa DNA Research Institute
- Kyushu University
- Nara Institute of Science and Technology
- Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology
- University of Tokyo
- Ochanomizu University
- Representatives of Allocation Organizations (Integration of medical care database)
- Minoru Kanehisa (Kyoto University, Institute for Chemical Research, Bioinformatics Center)
- Hiroshi Tanaka (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Information Center for Medical Sciences)
- Katsushi Tokunaga (University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine)
- Representatives of Organizations Involved in Subsidiary Program
- Tetsuro Toyoda (RIKEN)
- Hisashi Narimatsu (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
- Takashi Gojobori (National Institute of Genetics)
- Akinori Sarai (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Summary Aiding formulation of strategy for database in life science field, and establishing and improving portal site
Major Features of Project - Comprehensive promotion by improvement of a central organization (Research Organization of Information and Systems)
- Development and operation of integrated database
- Links with literature information and addition of annotation to data
- Integration of medical care database concerning compounds and drugs and clinical and disease data by allocation organizations (University of Tokyo, Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Kyoto University)
- Acceleration of database integration by the organizations involved in subsidiary program (RIKEN, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, National Institute of Genetics and Kyushu Institute of Technology)
- Acceptance of valuable database that has become difficult to maintain
- Development of human resources for database development
Description of Project Excerpts from MEXT Integrated Database Project ( )
The Integrated Database Project aims to add functions in order to support the drafting of a national strategy determined by the government, and to direct its execution with regard to the establishment of databases for fields in the life sciences. As well as reappraising existing efforts, the project supports a portal site on the Internet, and works to improve the ease of use and integration of Japan's life sciences databases. In this way, it promotes the wider utilization of these resources by the general public and others.
Public Release Status The project aims to make all of the outcomes publicly available.
Classification of Database Public Release Status Shared
Public Database LifeScienceDB( )
Data Download Site - (Japanese)
- Life Science Database Archive( )(Japanese)
Website - Database Center for Life Science ( )
- Integrated Database Project(MEXT) ( )
Implementing Ministry/Agency Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Reports - 2006 Achievement Report Web Site ( ) (Japanese)
- Integrated Database Project(MEXT) Achievement page ( )
Evaluation Reports - Interim appraisal reports ( ) (Japanese)
- Evaluation from outside( ) (Japanese)
Other Literatures -