Medals oligonucleic drug ID monrd0010
ATC Classification -
Product Name CpG 7909
Synonims AMA1-C1
Country US
Company Pfizer Inc
Ludwig Institute For Cancer Research
University of Oxford
Pfizer Pharma GmbH
phase III
Type CpG oligo
Adaptation Diseases matastatic or recurrent malignancies
advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Target Molecule TLR9
Remarks A phase I/II study of immunization with multiple peptides mixed with the immunological adjuvant CpG 7909 in HLA-A2 patients with metastatic melanoma has been initiated.
On the other hand, a phase I/IIa trial of the Safety, Immunogenicity and Parasite Growth Inhibitory Activity of AMA1-C1/AlhydrogelR + CPG 7909, an Asexual Blood Stage Vaccine for Plasmodium falciparum Malaria has been initiated.
Nucleic Acid Sequence -
DrugBank -
TargetProtein - UniProt Q9NR96
TargetProtein - PDB 4QDH