Glycine max
Scientific name Glycine max
Status Finished
Chromosome number 2n=40
Genome size 1,115 Mb
Year 2010
Sequencing method Sanger (WGS)
Read counts 7.53 Gb
Covered genome region 937.32 Mb
Sequencing depth 8.04x
Assembly method Arachne v.20071016
Number of scaffolds 1,168
Contig counts 16,311
Gene annotation method Fgenesh+ and GenomeScan informed by EST alignments and peptide matches to genome from Arabidopsis, rice and grapevine
Number of predicted genes 46,430
Genome database SoyBase
Assembly release Gm1.01
Annotation release Gm1.01
Reference1 (DOI) 10.1038/nature08670
Reference1 (PMID) 20075913
Reference2 (DOI) -
Other reference (DOI) -