Arabidopsis lyrata
Scientific name Arabidopsis lyrata
Status Finished
Chromosome number 2n=16
Genome size 230 Mb
Year 2011
Sequencing method Sanger (Clone-based)
Read counts 1.66 Gb
Covered genome region 207 Mb
Sequencing depth 8.3x
Assembly method Arachne
Number of scaffolds 1,309
Contig counts -
Gene annotation method Fgenesh package of ab initio and homology-based gene predictors, EuGene12, and GeneID13 ( applying dicot and A. thaliana specific matrices
Number of predicted genes 32,670 (v1.0)
Genome database JGI
Assembly release v1.0
Annotation release v1.0
Reference1 (DOI) 10.1038/ng.807
Reference1 (PMID) 21478890
Reference2 (DOI) -
Other reference (DOI) -