Lotus japonicus
Scientific name Lotus japonicus
Status Draft
Chromosome number 2n=12
Genome size 472 Mb
Year 2008
Sequencing method Sanger (Clone-based)
Read counts -
Covered genome region 315.1 Mb
Sequencing depth 3-5x
Assembly method Paracel Genome Assembler
Number of scaffolds 954
Contig counts 110,940
Gene annotation method Kazusa Annotation PipelinE for Lotus japonicus (KAPSEL)
Number of predicted genes 37,971 (v2.5)
Genome database KDRI
Assembly release v2.5
Annotation release v2.5
Reference1 (DOI) 10.1093/dnares/dsn008
Reference1 (PMID) 18511435
Reference2 (DOI) -
Other reference (DOI) -