Sorghum bicolor
Scientific name Sorghum bicolor
Status Finished
Chromosome number 2n=20
Genome size 760 Mb
Year 2009
Sequencing method Sanger (Clone-based)
Read counts 10,717,203 reads
Covered genome region 730 Mb
Sequencing depth 8.5x
Assembly method Arachne2 v.20060705
Number of scaffolds 3,304
Contig counts 12,873
Gene annotation method BLAST, GenomeScan
Number of predicted genes 34,496 (Sbi1.4)
Genome database JGI
Assembly release Sbi1
Annotation release Sbi1.4
Reference1 (DOI) 10.1038/nature07723
Reference1 (PMID) 19189423
Reference2 (DOI) -
Other reference (DOI) -