id 454
QTL/Gene -
Major category Physiological trait
Category of object character Sterility
Character -
Marker RFLP
No. of marker for position determination 1
Chr 10
Genome start 19738642
Genome end 22303661
Mapping method C)Interval
Population RIL
No. of plants 227
Parent A Zhenshan 97B
Parent B Milyang 46
Direction (Parent) -
a) Physical -
b) Fine1; interval -
b) Fine2; interval -
b) Fine3; co-segregated -
c) Interval1; interval RZ811
c) Interval2; interval RG561
c) Interval3; co-segregated -
d) Co-segregated -
Explained variance -
Additive effect 34.0
Year 2000
Reference Source rgn
Reference no. 136
Reference Zhuang, J.Y., Fan, Y.Y., Wu, J.L., Xia, Y.W., and Zheng, K.L. (2000). Mapping major and minor QTL for rice CMS-WA fertility restoration. Rice Genetics Newsletter 17, 56-59.
Reference location -