id 703
QTL/Gene -
Major category Physiological trait
Category of object character Germination/dormancy
Character germination rate(9days after incubation)
Marker SSR
No. of marker for position determination 1
Chr 2
Genome start 26758064
Genome end 28502793
Mapping method C)Interval
Population RIL
No. of plants 264
LOD 3.52
Parent A Lemont
Parent B Teqing
Direction (Parent) A
a) Physical -
b) Fine1; interval -
b) Fine2; interval -
b) Fine3; co-segregated -
c) Interval1; interval RM263
c) Interval2; interval RM221
c) Interval3; co-segregated -
d) Co-segregated -
Explained variance 5.6
Additive effect 4.34
Year 2004
Reference Source pha
Reference no. 15
Reference Huang, Z., Yu, T., Su, L., Yu, S.B., Zhang, Z.H., and Zhu, Y.G. (2004). Identification of chromosome regions associated with seedling vigor in rice. Yi Chuan Xue Bao 31, 596-603.
Reference location -