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Cell Type(Ja) -
Cell Tissue(En) umbilical cord
Cell Tissue(Ja) 臍帯(線維芽細胞)
Cell Origin Normal
Cell Name 1(En) HiPS-RIKEN-2F
Cell Name 1(Ja) HiPS-RIKEN-2F
Cell Name 2(En) HPS0014
Cell Name 2(Ja) HPS0014
Disease Name 1(Ja) -
ICD Code 1 -
Disease Name 1(En) -
Disease Name 2(Ja) -
ICD Code 2 -
Disease Name 2(En) -
OMIM 2 -
Disease Name 3(Ja) -
ICD Code 3 -
Disease Name 3(En) -
OMIM 3 -
Age -
Age Range Fetus
Sex Male
Race(En) Japanese
Race(Ja) Japanese
Genetic Diagnosis --
Not Detected No
Description(En) Human iPS cell line. Parent cell line of RCB0197 HUC-Fm(Normal umbilical cord fibroblast, male)
Description(Ja) 臍帯由来線維芽細胞(RCB0197 HUC-Fm)iPS細胞.
Cell Morphology human ES-like
Grade Research Grade
Vector Retrovirus
Transgene pMXs-Oct3/4, -Sox2, -Klf4, -c-Myc
Adhesiveness -
Feeder Yes
Feeder Cell MEF (X-rays:5000R or MMC) 1-1.5x10^(6) cells/100mm dish
Medium DMEM/HamF12(2mM L-Glutamine)+20%KSR+0.1mM NEAA+0.1mM 2-Mercaptoethanol+5ng/ml human bFGF
Genome Editing -
CO2 3%
Mycoplasma Negative
Detection of Contaminants Mycoplasma -
Pluripotent Markers -
Pluripotent Markers Assay -
in vitro Differentiation -
in vitro Differentiation Assay -
in vivo Differentiation -
in vivo Differentiation Assay -
Other 1 Assay -
Other 1 Assay Method -
Other 2 Assay -
Other 2 Assay Method -
Other 3 Assay -
Other 3 Assay Method -
Karyotype -
Karyotype Assay -
Remaining Vector Detection -
Remaining Vector Detection Assay -
Stem Cell Transcriptome analysis -
Stem Cell Transcriptome analysis Assay -
Author Name(En) Tsuyoshi Fujioka
Author Name(Ja) 藤岡 剛
Author Organization(En) RIKEN BioResource Center
Author Organization(Ja) 理化学研究所バイオリソースセンター
Author Contact Email cellbank[at]brc[dot]riken[dot]jp
PI Organization(En) RIKEN BioResource Center
PI Organization(Ja) 理化学研究所バイオリソースセンター
PI Name(En) Yukio Nakamura
PI Name(Ja) 中村 幸夫
PI Contact Email cellbank[at]brc[dot]riken[dot]jp
Availability Available
Provider Organization(En) RIKEN BioResource Center
Provider Organization(Ja) 理化学研究所バイオリソースセンター
Provider Email cellbank[at]brc[dot]riken[dot]jp
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PubMed ID 20973836
DOI 10.1111/j.1749-0774.2010.00091.x
Title Establishment of induced pluripotent stem cells from human neonatal tissues.
Authors Fujioka T, Shimizu N, Yoshino K, Miyoshi H, Nakamura Y
Journal Hum Cell
Year 2010
Volume 23
Issue 3
Pages 113-8
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