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Title Alternation of flavonoid accumulation under drought stress in Arabidopsis thaliana
Description We reported that flavonoids, a class of specialized metabolites, including flavonols and anthocyanins with strong radical scavenging activity contributed to the mitigation of oxidative and drought stress in Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis). However, the behavior of flavonoids during drought stress is still not well documented. Herein we investigated the time-series alternation of flavonoids in the aerial part of Arabidopsis (wild type, Col-0) during drought stress by LC-QTO F-MS. Thedrastic alternation of 5 flavonols and 5 anthocyanins was revealed together with changes in marker metabolites of drought stress, e.g., proline, raffinose, and galactinol. These findings indicate that flavonols and anthocyanins can mitigate drought stress.
Authors Ryo Nakabayashi, Tetsuya Mori, and Kazuki Saito
Reference Nakabayashi R et al. (2014) Plant Signaling & Behavior 9: e29518
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