Entry 17
Residue(mutation) W172F
Residue -
Functionally important -
Function of the protein CB2 Binding and signaling; AC activity
Location -
Protein Name(abbreviation) CB2 Cannabinoid Receptor
Source(scientific name) Homo sapiens
Source(english name) Human
Authors Rhee MH, Nevo I, Bayewitch ML, Zagoory O, Vogel Z
Journal Reference J Neurochem. 2000 Dec;75(6):2485-91.
PMID 11080201
Experiments AC activity
Experimental data 6.4+_1.7
Parameter Ki (nM)
Methods/conditions Ki values for CP55,940.
Sec. Str -
Uniprot ID CNR2_HUMAN (P34972)
Type Helix
Remarks -
Keywords Cannabinoids; CB2 receptor; G protein; Site directed mutagensis; adenylyl cyclase