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ID SE50_DS01
Title Untargeted profiling by LC‒QTOF‒MS
Description The data matrix was aligned using MassLynx ver. 4.1 (Waters). After alignment, de-isotoping, and cutoff of the low-intensity peaks (<500 counts) and the intensity values of the remaining peaks were divided by those of lidocaine ([M + H]+, m/z 235.1804) for normalization. The processed data were used for PCA using SIMCA-P 11.5. The log2-transformed value was used for HCA using MeV 4.8 ( All metabolome data acquired by LC‒QTOF‒MS were deposited at DROP Met in PRIMe ( and are freely available. These data were also deposited in MetaboLights (accession number MTBLS57) (Steinbeck et al., 2012; Salek et al., 2013) and MetabolomeExpress (Carroll et al., 2010).
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